Questions and false myths
about depression

Sadness is a normal emotion. Depression is a more durable, intense state that affects all spheres of the person.

Deep sadness is one of the usual symptoms of depression, but it doesn’t manifest itself permanently in all cases . In some people, for example, emotional flattening may predominate, and in others it may be a state of irritability.

As with other mental disorders, there is a burden of stigmatization in depression. But you don’t choose to have depression, it’s a real, common disease that doesn’t depend on willpower.

Without treatment, depression can worsen and last for months or even years. People with depression need treatment.

Depression can begin after suffering a negative incedent, but it can also be triggered by other factors, such as hormonal disturbances, childbirth, or alcohol and drug use. Sometimes a clear factor may not be identified.

Depression can occur in any age group, ethnicity, social class and sex.