Where and how to
apply for help

If you think you or someone you know might have depression, it’s important to ask for help as soon as possible.

Where can you go? Who can you ask for help? How do you do that?

Where can you go to be helped?

Try talking about what you are feeling with someone you trust, such as family members, your partner, or a friend.

Tell them what’s wrong as clearly as you can. You didn’t choose for this to happen and you don’t have to suffer alone. Depression happens to a lot of people.

See your family doctor or general practitioner. Tell them what’s wrong with you – they can help you.

Your general practitioner will assess whether they can treat you themselves, or refer you to amental health specialist or psychiatrist.


The psychiatrist will want to meet you to understandand evaluate what’s wrong with you. They will explain what is happening to you, and the treatment and steps you should

Don’t be afraid – your psychiatrist is here to help you, but they can only do it if you tell them everything that is happeningto you; What you’re telling them is confidential and it’s between you.

If necessary, your doctor will give you treatment. This can be pharmacological and/or psychotherapeutic. It’s important that you follow this treatment.

If you have any questions, ask your doctor, they are here to help. If you get nervous or anxious when you are at your appointment, you can write down your questions in a notebook beforehand and take them with you.

Sometimes thoughts of harming yourself may appear; If this happens, try expressing how you feel to someone you trust so they can be with you until you’re feeling better, or get you help at that time.

If you feel very unwell or don’t find anyone you trust in that situation, look for your referral psychiatrist, and if they are not available, you can go to the ER at your hospital..

Contact the Mental Health Association around you. If you are from Bizkaia, contact us, AVIFES. If you’re from another territory, we’ll refer you to an association we know in your area.

You can meet people there in similar situations to you; you will feel like part of a group, you will see that you are not alone, and that there are many people who have the same illness and have a good life.

Here we will inform you, guide you and accompany you.

How can you help a friend or family member with depression?


Understanding that depression is a disease and learning to know your symptoms.


Helping to consult and follow appropriate treatment.


Supporting, while maintaining a certain distance, being impartial and not overprotecting.


Helping to expressany ideas of suicide which may occur, which facilitates the prevention of any suicide attempt.


Taking care of yourself to make your help as effective as possible.

Do you have a family member with Mental Health issues?