Fight stigma

People with mental illness are here. They inhabit all places in society, not just the eccentric roles that art assigns them, not just the stigmatizing headlines the press.

It is the task of Avifes to highlight this existence, make visible a reality that is forceful in the statistics but scarcein social imaginary. At present,it is estimated that 1 in 4 people suffers from a mental disorder throughout their life, with a special prevalence in the age group between 26 and 45 years, 1% of the population suffers a diagnosis of schizophrenia and another 1% a bipolar disorder.

And it is not worth just revealing the existence of mental illness, in Avifes we seek to dignify that existence, stand up to stigma, movetowards health, mental health. In our territory, in Bizkaia, 15,000 people have a recognized disability caused by mental illness. There are still many other people who will never be aware that they are sick and, therefore, will not have any type of treatment and their future deterioration will be greater.

Documentary What if they told you that you can?

Find out how 5 people with mental illness from Avifes they set themselves the great challenge of reaching the top of “Naranjo de Bulnes”, starting out in the world of climbing with the hand of the creator of “Al filo de lo Imposible”, Sebastián Álvaro, and a team of mountaineers made up of Juanjo San Sebastián and Juanito Oiarzabal among others

Campaign “Each life, a challenge”

This shows the other side of the life history of people with mental illness, approaching them from a positive perspective, of struggle and of improvement.

Along with other people, who have also faced adversities in their life, from different experiences but united by the invisible bond of overcoming.

Campaign “take care of your coconut”

AVIFES have launched “Take care of your coconut” “Zaindu zure koko” a fresh, different campaign aimed mainly at the adolescent and young population and which seeks to highlight possible warning signs and strategies to care for our mental health. And you, How do you take care of yourcoconut?

School campaign

We have come a long way in incorporating physical and sexual health in education and yet, in classrooms, mental health education has not yet been addressed in a systematic and forceful way.

Worldmental health Day

Every year we celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10, joining the celebrations that take place in more than 100 countries. This day has been established by the World Federation for Mental Health and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Podcast “Today more than ever, by your side”

AVIFES premiered ‘Today more than ever, by your side’: a serial bypodcastwith everyday stories and lots of entertaining ideas to share together during coronavirus home confinement.


Sports event that brings people together in Bilbao for 4 days more than 200 athletes with mental disorders from different autonomous communities, to compete in different sports disciplines generating a meeting point.

Delighted to talk to you

Actvisibility of women with mental illness, a group that faces multiple discrimination, through an encounter between diverse women with art and through art, coinciding with the celebration of March 8, international women’s day, to promote equal treatment and opportunities while respecting diversity.