Every life, a challenge

This campaign shows the other side of the life history of people with mental illness, approaching them from a positive perspective, of struggle and of improvement.

People with mental illness face great difficulties every day and are an example of how people overcome unimaginable adversities and how having a goal in your life helps you move forward.

Young people, women, university students, family members, professionals, … each of them in a different field speak to us through this campaign of their past, their present and especially their future, showing life stories in the first person that are examples of challenges, of overcoming, growth and effort. In “Every life, a challenge” we present examples of people who have gone beyond their own limits, overcoming obstacles, projecting in each video a positive image, based on the effort, desires and struggle that people develop or can develop with mental illness, understanding improvement, not as a utopian idea.

We also have the support of relevant people who come together, telling their unknown stories of overcoming, helping to spread the message and achieve identification with it beyond the diagnosis or illness, because we all face adversities in life, difficult moments of those who, drawing strength and with help, we manage to overcome and face reality.


Do you want to meet these people?

2nd Season

Great stories of overcoming: Damián Alcolea, Asier Etxeandia y Eva

Great stories of overcoming: Juanjo, Berta Bittersweet y Abdul Karim

Great stories of overcoming: Fito Cabrales, Idurre y Janire Azkueta

1st Season

Great stories of overcoming: Kepa Junkera y Eunate Arraiza

Great stories of overcoming: Marta Macho y Juan Carlos García

We change our looking as professionals

Great stories of overcoming: the mother of, the husband of… the family

Great stories of overcoming: Sebastián Álvaro y Estibaliz Ruiz de Azua

Great stories of overcoming: when art, culture and taking part matters.

Great stories of overcoming: women with voices and lot of things to say

Great stories of overcoming: advancing in the desires of an independent life.

Great stories of overcoming: young but prepared

Great stories of overcoming: Javier Álvarez, Josean Alija y Rakel Mateo

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