Take care of your coconut

75% of mental health problems develop before the age of 25

AVIFES, launch “Take care of your coconut” “Zaindu zure koko” a fresh, different and close campaign aimed mainly at the adolescent and young population and that seeks to highlight possible warning signs and strategies to take care of our mental health.

And you, how do you take care of the coconut?

““According to the World Health Organization, half of mental illnesses start before the age of 14. Depression in young people, bullying, eating disorders, suicide, substance use…, are issues that are of increasing concern in all areas, and that require an early and joint approach.

The protection of the mental health of adolescents and young people must become a priority, and prevention must begin with a good knowledge, on the part of families, of the educational, social and health fields, butespecially by young people.

From this comes the campaign “Take care of your coconut” “Zaindu zure koko”. It is a campaign that tries to influence those actions that play a triggering role in mental health problems and, also, in advice to maintain a healthy coconut. “In adolescence and early adulthood, important changes take place that can produce situations of stress and anxiety. In some cases, if these feelings are not recognized or controlled, they can generate mental health problems”, says Itziar Ceballos, Manager of AVIFES.

Competitiveness, constant communication or social pressure are some of the characteristics of a world that is increasingly demanding with young people. Do not forget #TakeCareOfYourCoconut, , let’s talk naturally about #MentalHealth as a form of prevention #Avifes

#Anxiety is not your friend, you know how far you can go, don’t be overwhelmed, don’t push yourself too hard and keep your #Self-Esteem always up. But remember: what is worth it requires effort “Advice for a healthy coconut #TakeCareOfYourCoconut #MentalHealth #Avifes

And how do you take care of your coconut? New technologies unite, but it is important that they do not substitute interpersonal relationships, that they do not lead to the recruitment of young people at home. #TakeCareOfYourCoconut let’s talk naturally about problems #MentalHealthas a form of prevention #Avifes

You are not a machine, therefore, rest. Take time, tomatoyoutime try to change the pace of the current rush. Obviously there will be times when you will have to work or study under pressure, however, try not to make this the norm in your life.

Recognize your own emotions and your stress, express what you feel to others, learn to channel positive feelings and control and not hide negative ones and do not forget to feel is to be alive