Young people,
young space

If you are under 30 years old … Have you been told that you have depression? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Is it difficult for you to control anger and frustration? Are you constantly feeling discouraged? Are you looking for a space where you can share experiences and find support?

If you are reading this surely you know a young person, close to you and with a mental health problem (a son, a sister, a friend or partner…), or it could be your own case. The program “Young people, young space” is designed for you and your family.

Adolescence and youth can be complicated periods of life, in which we experience numerous changes. Sometimes we change school, friendships or relationships. Our body also changes and emotions are running high. A mental health problem may appear, and it is normal that you feel overwhelmed, that you experience fear, that sometimes you feel lost, or that you have doubts about it. If this is your case or that of a relative or acquaintance, we at Avifes want to help you.

A space made for you

What and how do we do it?


Psychological support for young people

At Avifes, we offer you the possibility of accompanying you individually when you need it.Do you want to know more about your disease and how to manage its symptoms? Is your relationship with your family tense and do you need a space in which to vent, or learn to manage your emotions?

Through individualized therapeutic intervention, we help you face your concerns, manage any difficulties and develop personal strategies that allow you to build your life project independently.


Psychological support for parents

In this group you will meet other fathers and mothers, train, support each other and find better answers.

If you are interested in participating, in the Family Support section you will find all the necessary information.


GAZTEORI youth group

We are a group of young people who meet twice a week to discuss important issues of interest to us. For example, we talk about what worries us, we develop our social skills, we learnmore about our disease, the resources that our city offers us and we support each other.

In this space you will feel that you can share experiences, resolve doubts and enjoy quality time with other young people.


School talks and workshops

With a dual purpose, prevention and the fight against stigma, we hold workshops in schools which are interested. With a dynamic and interactive format, we offer students information about the reality of people with mental illness and thus break social stigma. We also provide useful guidelines for the care of our mental health, adapted to the characteristics and circumstances of pupils’ life stage.. If your center is interested or might be, do not hesitate to contact us.