Day centers

Sometimes, not having a daily activity makes us feel unwell and makes the day seem like forever.

Sound familiar? Our Day Center Service can help you in this and much more!

Always keeping your needs in mind, we will help you with those skills that allow you to develop, have greater autonomy and ultimately have a better quality of life..

In addition, you will be able to find other people with whom to share the same situation and make new friends.

A better life quality

If you are thinking that you do not live in the center of Bilbao, that will not be a problem!
We have Centers in Bilbao, but you can also find us in

Portugalete, Santurtzi, Zalla, Gernika or Durango. In total we have 270 places, and surely you will find your place in one of our seven Centers.

7 day centers

Bilbao; Portugalete; Santurtzi; Zalla; Gernika and Durango

270 users

The Day Center is open from Monday to Friday and we adjust to your needs.

You can come all day or half a day, so you can organize yourself and keep doing the things you enjoy.

We also have a dining room service.


Hours of Operation

From 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Types of care

Full time
Half a day without dining room
Half day with dining room

Don’t worry about the price

We are a Public Responsibility Service, agreed by Department of Social Action of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia..

For this reason, in our day centers you will pay your place directly to the Provincial Council based on your economic capacity. The daily price ranges from a minimum of €0/day to a maximum daily price for 2021 per stay in day care centers for people with disabilities of €10.97/day for full-time places; €7.53/day for part-time places with dining room and €3.65/day for part-time without dining room.


In our day centers we do so many activities that we would not know where to begin to tell you. Here is a small summary so that you can get an idea:


We want you to feel heard and that you are part of the Center’s operation. For this reason we set aside a MONITORING AND OPINION space so that you can share and express anything you need.


If you are concerned about things like knowing more about your illness, how to make friends or how to improve your self-esteem,We have a PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL space in which we will talk about all this.


Do you start cooking but forget what a frying pan looks like? Is carrying out any procedure a headache? We will help you learn or practice whatever you think you need to have more AUTONOMY.


We do not forget the importance of staying in shape, that is why we carry out activities to learn more about the care of our HEALTH and we practice different SPORTS so you can choose which one you like best.


We will bring out your CREATIVE side with artistic activities and with visits to museums or exhibitions in the area. You don’t have to be an expert in art, just enjoy it.


We do activities to keep our minds active, and we work on CULTURE and CURRENT issues, because knowing what is happening in the world makes us more part of it!


Going on excursions, sharing games, watching a movie or simply enjoying some time to talk… There is always time for activities in which the only important thing is to ENJOY, in addition to relating to other colleagues.

We do all these activities in groups, but always taking into account each of the people individually. In this service we will help you in everything that has to do with your goals and future projects.