Tutelar Foundation Ondoan

Legal protection and social support for people with mental illness and their families


The ONDOAN Tutelar Foundation is a non-profit entity, of general interest and oriented to the legal protection and the capacity of people with mental illness, and the support of their families

The creation of Ondoan

Why is it created?

AVIFES created the Tutelar Foundation Ondoan in 2014, with the support of its social base made up of more than 1,300 associated people, in response to the deep worry that we observed in families about the future of people with mental illness when their parents or carers are no longer around to support them..

More than 400 families have approached the Foundation seeking advice and guidance in the field of modifying work capacity. At present the foundation of guardianship, curatorship or judicial defense to 52 people with mental illness.

How can wehelp you, support you or accompany you?

ASSUME AND DEVELOP TUTORIAL FUNCTIONS of people with mental illness who have difficulties to self-manage some area of their life, and those functions are entrusted to them by the judicial authority.

INFORM AND GUIDE FAMILIES AND PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS on their future options, and on the procedure for modifying the capacity and appointment of a guardian as a form of legal protection.

The PRETUTELA PROGRAM offers families a trustworthy solution in the future of their family member with mental illness when they are absent, that is, it establishes the Foundation’s commitment to the future with people with mental illness when their relatives are absent.

They offer SUPPORT AND ACCOMPANIMENT to family members who perform the functions of guardians or carers.

DEFEND THE RIGHTS of people with mental illness.


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