Going forward:
mutual support group

Do you think that what is happening only happens to you? Do you need to talk about those things that worry you with someone? Do you want to share your emotions, thoughts, moments… with other people? Do you have many things to contribute?

If you are looking for this, and a reference space where you feel comfortable… then it is time to come to Going forward! A mutual support group, where you will meet people as amazing as you, who are eager to meet, participate, mobilize and many things to say!

A place of reference



Thinking of learning English? Would you like to cook but don’t know how? Have no idea how to sew on a button? Would you like to know more about the world of work but don’t know where to ask? Do you want to improve how you use your mobile? In Avifes, we believe that INFORMATION and TRAINING is power. The more we know, the more prepared we are to give an opinion, to make decisions or to find what truly fulfills us. ThroughFormared, we offer you a wide variety of courses and workshops so that you can delve into those topics that interest you and choose those that you like the most.

Group “Our Meeting”

Mutual support group where you can meet people participate, feel accompanied, learn, mobilize and find many things to say. Every week in our Txoko Kalamua, we talk, we give our opinion, we support each other when we are going through a bad time; We organize and participate in new activities, we inform ourselves and discuss issues that affect us ort violate our rights….

Do not suffer alone, there are many colleagues with whom you can share challenges and difficulties that you face on a day-to-day basis, and many other things. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!!!!


Art and culture allow us to dream, explore new forms of expression, marvel at what we can be able to do with imagination and creativity. If you are passionate about reading, theater, music, painting… If you like the works of great artists or new painters or of architecture, in KulturArte you will find what you are looking for. We will support you so that you can enjoy art and culture in a simple way. We offer you courses and workshops, we will help you in the search for other interesting activities, and we will connect you with other people with whom to share this exciting hobby.

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Growing together

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