time to enjoy

If you are looking to share hobbies, discover new places in company, have new experiences, choose what you like the most, meet new people and make friends, you have to discoverour Leisure Service!

Because at AVIFES propose that you enjoy your leisure time to the fullest. Therefore, during the year we have a lot of different activities based on what you are telling us. We are not 5, we are not 10, we are more than 250 people with mental illness who go to the movies, visit museums, travel along the Don Quixote Route, we bronze ourselves on the Levantine and Andalusian beaches… and we do excursions to places where there is good gastronomy.

We have the support of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Department of Social Action.

Enjoy your free time!

What does leisure mean in people with mental illness’ lives? Which are the most practiced activities? Are we fulfilling their preferences?

Do you want to know the results and the conclusions obtained from this study?
Check out our research!

**With the support of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government

Ocio y Salud Mental

Research: “Leisure and mental health: projecting the future”



Leisure club

You will find a meeting point from where we start to enjoy a wide variety of activities (cinema, theater, bowling, exhibitions, etc.).



One Sunday a month we go on excursions, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a half-day or full-day getaway, bound for the main tourist and cultural attractions in our surroundings.


Weekend outings

If on the weekends you dare to travel and discover new places, our Weekend Outings will enchant you. You can disconnect from the daily routine and you will also be able to meet other people who will become inseparable friends.


Holiday program

With the arrival of good weather, we set off with the holidays! Between the months of May and October we offer you the opportunity to travel further. You will live exciting experiences and discover towns and cities with a lot of history and surprising natural spaces. Are you packing your suitcase?

In summary

  • We offer support and accompaniment, when you need it, in the planning and development of your free time.
  • We help to discover new places, activities and new hobbies and to find new friends with whom to share them.
  • We give you the possibility to choose between different leisure activities (cultural, artistic, recreational, tourist…) according to your tastes and affinities.
  • We offer a very reduced price so that money is not an obstacle to participate, thanks to the support of the Department of Social Action of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Growing together

Leisure is a basic human right, just like education, getting a job,… nobody should be deprived.

Leisure is one of the fundamental components in the quality of life of any person, and it has a great impact on the subjective perception of satisfaction, well-being and personal development.

Leisure must empower people and communities through positive, satisfying and freely chosen experiences.