Delighted to talk to you

Dialogues through art with women with mental illnesses

Event to raise the visibility of women with mental illness, a group that faces multiple discrimination, through a meeting between diverse women with art and through art, coinciding with the celebration of 8 March, International Women’s Day, to promote and encourage equal treatment and opportunities while respecting diversity.

Delighted to talk to you

With this objective in mind, AVIFES in collaboration with different Art and Exhibition Halls located in Bilbao have been organising since 2016 “Encantadas de HablarArte, Diálogos a través del arte con mujeres con enfermedad mental” in which women with different activities of professional relevance share in first person with women with mental illness, and around the talk and art, their lives in complicity, getting to know each other, sharing and enjoying a day of art and with art.

by the Confederación Salud Mental España

My first-person experience

Last March 8th, International Women’s Day, I was lucky enough to participate in the event organised by AVIFES in the Sala Rekalde together with other women with mental illness, AVIFES professionals and women with different professions and relevant occupations. I feel happy, without you and without your work it would not have been possible.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making us feel this way: First class citizens, without adjectives, people, courageous women, who, when they fall, get up again and again and continue. And they fight, they fight against everything that is thrown at them, which is sometimes a lot.

ThANK YOU to all of you!