Supported housing

You want to become independent? Are you comfortable at home but think the time has come to take a step forward? Living together as a family is fine, but is it complicated at times? Are you alone and want to share coexistence with others?
If this is your case, do not hesitate. Request our Supported Housing service.

Are you afraid of domestic and daily life activities? Do not worry, if someone usually cooks for you, or the iron is not your best friend… it will not be a problem, because we are here to support you and that you learn to do it yourself. We will help you in those activities that allow you to be more autonomous and in those that help you to have a better Quality of Life.


For some people it has been their home for years, for others a springboard to later leave alone or with a partner; It does not matter what your situation is, propose it and we will help you, what matters to us is what makes you feel better.

We want to make you feel better

A research about the needs of people with mental illness in Bizkaia, concerning residential and independent living areas

Do you want to know the results and the conclusions obtained from this study?
¡Check out our research!

**With the support of the Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government

Estudio Vivienda 2020

A research about the needs of people with mental illness in Bizkaia, concerning residential and independent living areas.


We do many activities, always looking for them to be positive for you, and for you to live better:


How to organize the shopping list? What menus can I make for the whole week? How do you keep a house clean? What if i don’t know how to cook? Do not worry if these or other things are not your strength, we run HOUSEHOLD ACTIVITIES AND DAILY LIFE, precisely for that: so that you control them and not the other way round.


Want to take better care of your body? Confused about the doctors? Is there no way to learn and prepare the medication youtake? These and many other things we will work with our HEALTH PLAN.


If you need , we will accompany you to buy clothes, we will support you in finding a job ora daytime activity, or help withpaperwork administration,etc.


Living together gives us many joys, but we must take care of our COEXISTENCE! For this reason, we work in groups on things that can happen to us on a daily basis in the apartment, in our neighborhood, in the subway …


There is always time for everything, so when there are holidays or parties, we go on excursions, we discovernew places, we go to eat there, to the movies… ENJOYING is also important and doing it WITH COMPANIONS even more.


If you want to celebrate… this is your service! If you want, you can celebrate birthdays, Christmas, etc. with your roommates. SHARING time with others is also important.

Some of these activities we do in groups, and others individually. You will have an individual space in which to feel heard and also accompanied, and where you can ask any questions, or talk about things that worry you or that you would like to do, about your future projects, about your individual goals; our professional team is here to support you.


We have 14 supported homes, where 54 people live, in which we will be delighted to have you.

14  homes with supports

11 in Bilbao, 2 inLeioa and 1 in Galdakao.

Our homes are in urban centers, and 3 or 4 people live in each of them, either men or women.

54 places

20 women and 34 men


We are a Public Responsibility Service, agreed by Department of Social Action of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

For this reason you will pay your place directly to the Provincial Council based on your financial capacity.

The price ranges from a minimum of €0/day to a maximum price for 2021 to be paid per stay of €40.90/day for places with day care, and €32.75/day for places without day care.